Pronounced AY-na, Enda try a masculine title that’s end up being unisex over the years

Eibhlin is actually a great Gaelic style of Eileen and you can Evelyn, noticable ave-linn. It is derived from the fresh French Norman identity Aveline, and this, subsequently, originated in the fresh new Italian town Avella, called once a familiar hazel tree about Corylus avellana part. Eibhlin is promoted from the seventeenth-millennium like tune “Eibhlin an excellent Ruan,” compiled by harpist Cearbhall O’Dalaigh to convince their lover so you’re able to elope that have him for her wedding.


Eilidh, pronounced AY-lee, has actually two you’ll sources. It age Helen, definition “bright” or “light.” It might also be this new Gaelic form of Eleanor, produced by the outdated French identity Alienor. Eilidh is found on-pattern in Scotland, rated #twenty-four from inside the 2020. not, its complex spelling and you can enunciation enjoys stopped it of used beyond your nation.


Eimear, obvious ee-mer, should be spelled Emer, Eimhear, Eimir, otherwise Eimhir. During the Irish myths, Eimear try the spouse off character Cu Chulain whom had the fresh half a dozen event out-of womanhood: beauty, a sweet sound, lovely terms, knowledge, virtue, and you will expertise at the needlework. A bona fide-lifetime bearer has musician Eimear Quinn, best known getting profitable the fresh 1996 Eurovision tournament toward legendary track “The brand new Voice.”


Have a tendency to said to imply “a beneficial kernel out of an effective vegetables otherwise nut,” Eithne could be the female sort of Aidan, meaning “little flame.” Almost every other preferred spellings are Ethna and you may Etney, usually anglicized due to the fact Annie. This name was common during the ancient Ireland, produced of the about three saints and many noblewomen. Eithne was also the caretaker of Lugh, perhaps one of the most well-known gods inside Irish mythology.

It’s based on this new Gaelic term “ean,” definition “birdlike.” It lovely name’s strange when you look at the and you will outside the Amber Island, making it an alternate get a hold of. Famous bearers become theatrical music producer Enda Markey and you may star Enda Oates, both men. Thus, it can be time for a lady Enda to take heart stage!


If you are naming your own child “jealous” may be uncommon, there was a lot more in order to Etain than simply suits the interest! Etain try a woman for the Irish folklore who was simply therefore beautiful and you may graceful that almost every other female was basically envious of the woman! This identity is actually from time to time ranked inside the Ireland up until 2018, when it fell off of the maps completely. Regardless of if it is far from since the common, Etain is actually an attractive identity that have an interesting story about they, therefore it is a worthy contender.


It is produced from the fresh new Gaelic O’Fallamhain, definition “descendant out of Fallamhan,” hence, consequently, hails from “ollahnas,” definition “leader” or “supremacy.” If you’re Fallon try only a great surname inside Ireland, it is a relatively preferred first name for women inside the Scotland and you may the fresh new U.S., rated #313 and #859, respectively. Fallon very first attained the women flair of Fallon Carrington, the new protagonist about mid-eighties Tv show Dynasty.


Pronounced percentage-a good, Fiadh wasn’t put without any consideration name before twentieth century, basic registered on Ireland’s identity databases inside the 2002. Yet not, the expression Fiadh had become ancient times, talking about a particular sort of deer. The fresh new anglicized means, Fia, would be to become popular regarding You.S., where similar-group of Mia has been a top ten women’s term while the 2009.


Fidelma, alternatively spelled Fedelm or Feidelm, are the name out of a female prophet and you may poet inside Irish myths. Various other Fidelma is the child out-of High Queen Conchobhar Mac Nessa, informally labeled as “Fidelma The 9-Times-Gorgeous.” Fidelma is fairly sufficient to have good little princess, making it a fantastic choice across-the-board.


Fiona is one of the greatest-understood Scottish Gaelic brands, even after not being promoted until the nineteenth-century. It actually was very common from the 2010s, owing to musician Fiona Fruit and you can Princess Fiona off Shrek. Other fictional Fiona’s through the stepmother out of Sam Montgomery in the Good Cinderella Tale while the practical teenager submarine professional regarding Lemony Snicket’s A number of Unfortunate Situations.