Asphyxiation: No, No (hard restrict, are unable to get it done) Heck zero

Are Choked (cock): Sure, 5 (vomited from the Sesso, which was perhaps not terrible, imagine I handled they that have grace, that is my merely question, being ashamed from the sickness) Yes/5. I’ve been vomited for the this. It actually was chill. Kinda ends up one thing if you don’t tidy up very things really private doing. Require I favor are deal with fucking sight watering, numerous spit then you certainly saliva one to on my penis. Very porno.

Biting: Sure, 5 (Offering, I adore biting however, I am careful of just how hard, like strong nibbles, try unable to bite people more complicated whenever Warm questioned me to, cannot take action. Acquiring, like it) Yes/ mostly towards erect nipples, clit

Collars (wearing): Sure, 5 (together with jewellery choker or a band that to put on beyond our very own play, in public in my daily life, that presents that you have collared me) YES/5

Corsets (wearing): Zero, 5 (I would personally fascination with that need me personally searching and then have one that converts you into the) YES/ 55555555 Very Sexy Sneakers Which Tasty

Electricity: Sure, 5 (10s product gamble and it also is very, would do they once again from inside the a heartbeat. Have seen violet rod, most fascinated. Really nervous about my personal striking doing power. Ok with deleting sharp during power play) YES/5

Full Lead Hoods: No, 3 (I can not bed having talks about more than my personal head once the I would like so you’re able to breathe cool heavens…worry I would personally have a problem with a hood. In case the bonnet had mesh over the mouth area and so i you’ll breathe chill sky I’d apt to be great.) NO/0 Come across A lot more than Need to Breathe.

Distributed: Sure, cuatro (depends on brand new context, length of time, etcetera. We had have to explore this) Yes/5. I’d assist you going, significantly less than my guidelines, to visit someone and you can manage whatever they asked you accomplish within my presence.

Sexual Starvation: Zero, dos (I can do that for you for a little while, not sure the length of time, we had need certainly to try out it if it are something that you desired

High-heel Worship: Zero, 0 (unless it is in reverse, needing to wear high heels to you, therefore, would-be a great 5) YES/555 Love The greater The greater A great FETISH Personally.

Kidnapping: No, 0 (My personal concern is according to Thundercock and you may Beesweet’s feel and you may event from inside the Portland city in which it actually was saw and you will partners in it was indeed recognized in news reports regardless of if costs was dropped. I cannot afford it. The act in itself cannot bother me.) NO/O

Spiritual Views: No, 0 (I’m not religious which means this doesn’t have interest me personally, but I’d get it done if you were interested) NO/0

Manage score irritable, similar to your own swimming starvation step 3 date maximum) NO/0 We Currently Do that With my Work Take a trip

Tattooing: Sure, 5 (and i am definition profession tattooing, maybe not in the-household. i might have more, has actually suggestions and you can carry out keep in touch with Your on the subject in advance of proceeding) NO/0

Tickling: Sure, Zero (tough maximum) (my father used to have tickle battles with our team as pupils, punished myself inside. Do keep me upside-down from the my ankles and you can tickle my personal ft on the hysterics, sobbing, otherwise illness. Shortly after, when i is actually seven, he performed that it and you may when i got 100 % free, i decrease submit into the coffee table, mouth area unlock, and struck my personal top pearly whites over the top surface because if biting they, and slain certainly one of my personal greatest front side teeth. i experienced a-dead black tooth up to my mature tooth came inside. i am really responsive to pushed tickling therefore we need just do it very carefully using this type of that. i’d a hard time also becoming moved by the some body for a long time, something which can get wonder Your totally today) YES/2